Draft International Standard Concerning Services

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1. Scope

This International Standard specifies the requirements a service must meet to conform to the ethics of free software.

This International Standard applies to any service providing external computer resources over the network.

2. Terms and definitions

For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply:

  • Service: Result of one or more activities achieved at the interface between a provider and a client.
  • Computer Resource: a resource, whether hardware, software or both, available to perform some task.
  • Software: Instructions encodées en langage machine et qui sont modifiables du fait qu'elles sont stockées dans un type de mémoire altérable.
  • Free Software: Any software published under a license which figures on the list of free software licenses maintained by the Free Software Foundation at this address : http://www.gnu.org/licenses/license-list.html#SoftwareLicenses
  • Non-Free Software: A software published under any software license other than those figuring on the list maintained by the Free Software Foundation mentioned in this document's definition of free software.
  • Source Code: Original instructions of a software program written in human-readable language and which needs to be compiled (translated) into machine language to be read and executed by a computer.
  • Execution : The carrying out of an instruction, program or program segment by a computer.

3. The use of the service does not involve the execution of non-free software.

4. The client of the service is able to procure the source code of all the software which is used to provide the service.